CBD-infused foods and dietary products are gaining increasing attention in the cannabis derivative market.


Expert recommendations on cooking with CBD

Homemade CBD-based meals might be popular, however, there are some golden rules and recommendations to follow in making CBD delicacies. In CBD-infused soups, using CBD tinctures are generally not advisable. Tinctures are expensive and available mostly in small quantities dispensed in vials. CBD-infused oil is sold in large quantities and provides sufficient quantity for homemade meals. Also, hemp-derived CBD is best prepared using low heat. This explains why soaked dry-fried hemp seeds are popular in regions where CBD is consumed as cannabis plant parts. 

Many chefs with CBD-based meals on their menu use the double boiling method to prepare the CBD components of their recipe. The double boiling method is a heat control method used in shielding cannabis plant parts from excessive heat. The plant part of CBD isolate is transferred into a small boiling pot, which is immersed into a big boiling pot of water. Heat is transferred to the smaller pot through the boiling water in the large pot. Contents of the smaller pot are stirred continuously for about 20 minutes. Subsequently, the boiled CBD isolate is transferred into a carrier oil or directly included in the recipe. 



Effects of cooking on the efficacy of CBD

As a compound derived from a natural source, it is logical to expect that heating CBD can change its physical and chemical properties. Cannabis plant parts used in preparing homemade foods contain microscopic trichomes, which are rich sources of terpenes and aromatic oils. These plant parts also contain other flavonoids and trace phytochemicals, which are known to be important for the “entourage effect” of cannabis. Each component of the cannabis plant has a different boiling point. At a high temperature, the aromatic oils are vaporized, and the terpene constituent is significantly reduced.

On average, CBD oil boils at a range of 160-180 degrees Celsius (320-356 degrees Fahrenheit), while vegetable oils boil at 240 degrees Celsius (464 degrees Fahrenheit). Heating the oil beyond this temperature changes the complex structure of the constituent compounds, including CBD. As the structural configuration of the components becomes distorted, the cannabis extract loses its potency and efficacy. This effect is believed to occur exponentially as temperature increases. In May 2012, Planta Medica published the report of a clinical trial designed to investigate the effects of heat exposure on the pharmacokinetic and metabolic profile of Cannabis sativa in healthy male subjects.  

Based on research reports, the heated cannabis extract showed a lower median plasma concentration compared to the unheated extract. This result suggests that excess heating can reduce the amount of CBD present in Cannabis sativa and, as such, reduce the quantity of molecules delivered into the body system. With a lowered plasma concentration, the efficacy of CBD is significantly reduced. It is advisable that CBD extracts and cannabis plant parts meant for cooking should only be heated indirectly with the double boiling method, or be heated under controlled temperature. 



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