Global trends of hemp flower usage

One of the survival strategies of the global hemp industry is diversifying the methods of hemp product consumption. To a large extent, the impressive boom of the global cannabis market can be attributed to the varieties of hemp-derived products sold and their various methods of presentation. Now, cannabis users can consume their favorite products as gummies, tinctures, concentrates, and elixirs. In countries with legal backing for the use of cannabis, pro-cannabis regulations have guidelines classifying cannabis products and plant varieties. Depending on regional regulations, there are different definitions of marijuana, hemp, and hashish. 

In the United States, provisions of the 2018 Farm Bill are the standard reference point for clarifications on all discussions on hemp. Beyond merely providing a legal framework for the interstate trading of hemp, this bill also provided a statutory definition for hemp. In compliance with these regulations, hemp is defined as an industrial variation of Cannabis sativa with a THC content of not more than 0.3%. As a legal variety of cannabis, it is common to find cannabis users smoking hemp flowers in states where the recreational use of cannabis is allowed. 

Hemp flower is a complex part of the hemp plant distinct parts that are selectively revered by cannabis users. The typical hemp flower has a teardrop-shaped calyx covered with resin glands. Studies have shown that the calyx produces the highest concentration of cannabinoid compared to other parts of the plant. In some hemp flowers, the calyx is formed into tiny clusters. Another important part of the hemp flower is the microscopic trichomes, which are rich in terpenes and aromatic oils.  Cannabis users who prefer to smoke hemp flowers also look out for other features on the flower, including buds, stigma, pistil, and colas. 


The joy of smoking hemp flower

Hemp flowers have low THC content and very high CBD content. As a result of this composition, cannabis users who prefer to smoke hemp flowers are, to a lag extent, consuming CBD. Compared to pure CBD extracts derived from hemp, the flower provides a viable method of smoking full-spectrum cannabis. This means all the beneficial phytochemicals of the cannabis plant are available in each joint smoked. Many users believe this is the best method to derive maximum benefit from the hemp plant. 

Smoking hemp flowers is also preferred by some informed cannabis users who target the thrill of the “entourage effect.” The entourage effect explains how other natural compounds present in the cannabis plant (other than THC) can enhance the plant’s overall psychoactive effect. By extension, these compounds can also increase the beneficial effects of the cannabis plant by interacting with different organ systems in the body. Since hemp flowers are already low in THC, the entourage effect is better assessed by smoking hemp flowers. CBD and the residual compounds simply act synergistically to enhance the health benefits of the hemp flower in users. 


Hemp flowers also contain trichomes as microscopic components with a rich deposit of terpenes and aromatic oils. In CBD extracts, oils, and tinctures, these trichomes are nonexistent and are even considered as contaminants in these products. The presence of trichomes in hemp flowers is considered a big plus by users who desire the characteristic taste and smell of the cannabis plant. In each joint or pre-rolls, the aromatic oil concentrates release a characteristic smell which smokers of hemp flowers have reportedly termed a worthy substitute for the euphoria THC provides. Smoking hemp flowers is arguably the best method to consume full-spectrum cannabis. 


Benefits of smoking hemp flower

In modern medicine, the route of administration of the drug is an important factor in determining the bioavailability of the drug. Drugs administered through the oral route are known to have a low bioavailability as the drugs become degraded before reaching the systemic circulation. Drugs administered through other routes such as inhalation, intravenous, and intramuscular are known to have a high bioavailability. Bioavailability is a direct measure of the intact drug present in the systemic circulation. High bioavailability guarantees a high concentration of the drug in the body system and, as such, also guarantees an enhanced effect.  

Judging from the link established between the route of administration and efficacy, consuming CBD by smoking hemp flowers is one of the best methods to derive maximum benefit from the cannabis plant. In all forms of inhaled CBD, studies have shown that the half-life of CBD is about 31 hours. By smoking hemp flowers, the CBD content escaped extra-hepatic metabolism and became more concentrated at the active sites. In simple terms, the products bypass the sites of the first-pass metabolism and are distributed directly into the body system. Based on many studies and research inquiries, the bioavailability of inhaled CBD ranges from 10-35%. 

Smoking hemp flowers has also been proven to help cannabis users better control anxiety and minor pain. The anti-anxiety property of CBD has long been established with impressive results in healthy subjects. Beyond these natural effects, integrative healthcare providers have suggested that the full spectrum hemp flower contains other residual phytochemicals with anti-anxiety properties. Compared to CBD extracts, these experts prefer to use hemp flowers in their anxiety therapy modality. Hemp flowers are also known to exhibit a rapid calming effect when smoked. This explains why some users actually prefer smoking hemp flowers to help with their sleeping disorders. 



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