In 2018, the Farm Bill Act was passed in the United States, granting legal backing for the production of hemp and subsequently setting the global cannabis market on a continued path of rapid growth. Hemp was given legal status, approved for interstate commerce and marketing, and defined as a variation of the cannabis plant containing no more than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In 2019, the global hemp market was valued at $4.71 billion. By 2025, the global hemp market is projected to reach $26.6 billion with a compound annual growth rate of 34%.

As a commercial commodity, hemp production and marketing is strictly regulated by guidelines set in place by relevant authorities. To ensure product safety and purity, cannabis companies have gone the extra mile to rebrand product packaging, source from verified hemp farmers, and conduct third-party independent lab tests to obtain the necessary Certificate of Analysis. Beating the competition is a necessary skill for survival, and cannabis companies are ready to beat the odds. These companies are required to comply with the guidelines of the FDA on product labeling and quality claims. With the emergence of many hemp manufacturers and suppliers, sourcing quality hemp products is becoming increasingly difficult. 

Consumers can now search for quality hemp through the U.S. Hemp Authority Program. This program certifies companies for hemp quality and guides growers and processors of hemp in complying with standards of hemp production. This certification educates hemp growers on the procedures of good manufacturing and agricultural processes as established by the FDA. In large part, this certification also suggests to consumers which hemp brands and companies to trust. The certified companies are considered to have demonstrated flawless transparency in the process of production and quality assurance. All products certified are third party-tested with verified label claims on potency, THC content, and level of possible contaminants, including mycotoxins, heavy metals, residual solvents, and pesticide. We have compiled a list of trusted resources to help you easily find high-quality hemp products.


Trusted resources for finding high-quality hemp products

California Single Origin Hemp is a supporter of the California hemp industry by helping the CBD community connect with the hemp growers directly. California Single Origin Hemp highlights the favorable climate, fertile soil, and unique topography of California to help consumers understand just how important California is for high-quality hemp production. As contained in its Term of Service, California Single Origin Hemp does not provide retail services or sell hemp-derived cannabidiol. This resource simply connects hemp consumers with the best hemp producers in California. Designed as an integrated database of all certified hemp producers in California, these resources provide consumers with a one-stop-shop for all hemp needs.


Certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority, Atalo Holdings is an agricultural and biotechnology firm specializing in the production and marketing of high-quality, hemp-derived superfoods and full-spectrum hemp extracts. This company is a known authority in innovative hemp growth methods that consistently deliver premium brand hemp and hemp-based products. Far above the competition, Atalo holding also provides consultancy services and quality hemp seeds for hemp farmers. In addition to providing industry-standard hemp, Atalo Holdings also specializes in the research and development of hemp products in a bid to provide progressive, cost-effective, and scalable hemp production. As regards retail services, Atalo Holdings satisfies its growing base of customers by selling bulk hemp biomass grown by its group of expert hemp farmers.   



GenCanna is a household name in the global hemp market. As a company duly certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority, GenCanna is widely known for its brand of premium-quality, hemp-derived products. Unlike other trusted resources offering quality hemp for sale, GenCanna operates a vertically integrated hemp production process balanced on a set of standards and best practices. The GenCanna Production Platform delivers high-quality hemp and hemp-based products boasting of verified compliance with the necessary guidelines on hemp quality assurance. Focused on constituting a global force in hemp production, GenCanna also provides bulk hemp and hemp-products sale services for hemp consumers. 


Great Lakes Cultivars is another reliable hemp source certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority. Taking advantage of the rich soil in Michigan, the hemp farmers at Great Lakes Cultivars have developed a restorative farming method for growing bulk hemp. Unlike the competition, Great Lakes Cultivars reportedly incorporates modern-day farming practices for agriculture into hemp farming. As stated on the company’s official website, this practice involves no-till farming, cover cropping, and drip irrigation for water conservation. So far, this practice has helped the company to consistently produce premium quality hemp varieties widely known in the U.S hemp industry. In addition to hemp production, Great Lakes Cultivars also offer logistic services, including climate control storage, hemp consultancy, and industrial drying. All hemp harvest from the Great Lakes Cultivars is naturally grown and tended to be free of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic chemicals, residual solvents, and water contaminants. 


There are more hemp producers certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority and verified to grow premium-quality hemp. More producers are expected to emerge in the coming years to help meet the rising demand for products in the hemp industry. 



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