During the human gestation period, new life forms inside a woman’s body. Everything that the mother ingests has to be beneficial for the growing fetus. So, is using CBD oil for pregnancy recommended or not?

Pregnancy is a happy time for a woman as she gets to create a new life inside her body, but everything is not as smooth for every pregnant lady. All through the three trimesters, some women have had to battle nausea, back pain, swollen feet, morning sickness, and other skin conditions. Unfortunately, gestational diabetes is also a likelihood for a pregnant woman. So if you’re giving pregnancy advice to an expectant mother, is it wise to have her using CBD oil for pregnancy?

Let’s see what science has to say about that.


What is CBD oil, and what can it do for pregnancy?

Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring substance that is extracted from the hemp plant. Scientific research on the substance has grown in popularity over the years. It helps manage different medical conditions, including diabetes and cancer. So, what are the pregnancy symptoms that can be sorted out using CBD?


CBD oil for pregnancy morning sickness

One of the unique properties cannabidiol offers pregnant ladies is its ability to fight off morning sickness. Hyperemesis graviton is a chronic case of morning sickness that could incapacitate a pregnant woman. The first effect of morning sickness is that you can barely keep anything down, you get dizzy, sleeping becomes an issue, and you become hypersensitive to smells as well. In small dosages, CBD has a notable effect on reducing morning sickness.

Cannabidiol for pregnancy swollen feet

Swollen feet and hands are a common occurrence for women during pregnancy. This is because the extra pressure as a result of the extra fluid in the body causes edema. Swollen feet and hands for a pregnant lady are very uncomfortable as she can barely lift anything or walk, and over the past few years, women have been using CBD products topically to bring down the swelling. Cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties, thus perfect as an edema remedy.

For pregnancy back pain

The growing fetus in the woman’s body creates tension on the mother’s spine, and this can result in pregnancy back pain. Cannabidiol has the properties of pain-relieving, and that’s why women use topical CBD products for back pain.


CBD and Pregnancy: The Science Behind the Recommendations


Cannabidiol for skincare

Hyperpigmentation and acne are some of the skin conditions that pregnant women have to battle with, and CBD can come to the rescue to sort them out. CBD plays a big role in sebum production regulation. If in excess, acne comes about, and when in low supply, it may cause skin dryness. CBD for acne and skin moisturizing is then the perfect remedy to sort out pregnancy skin acne when used topically.

CBD oil for better sleep

Pregnant ladies also face quite a hurdle when it comes to finding sound sleep. This is because of fluctuating levels of hormones in the body as well as not finding the right position for sleeping. Morning sickness and fatigue are also likely causes of sleep deprivation. When cannabidiol comes in to treat all other issues such as fatigue and morning sickness, the pregnant mother is bound to get some good rest. That is why pregnant women use CBD oil for pregnancy.


How does CBD oil work safely for pregnant women?

Besides the fact that research results on pregnant women are rare, testimonials from women who use CBD during their pregnancy are compelling. Few things that you have to abide by are as follows:

First, the CBD Origin of the product must be bought from a trusted seller. This same product should be a CBD isolate product with no other harmful compound that could potentially harm the baby.

Secondly, the pregnant lady must make sure she is using the product most safely with minimal effects for her and the baby. For instance, if she is taking CBD gummies for pain while she could use a CBD cream with fewer side effects, then the latter should be the preferred mode of delivery.

Thirdly and most importantly, is that a pregnant woman should use CBD products as advised by a doctor or an expert who knows the ins and outs of the substance.



Since now you are familiar with what is CBD oil and its benefits for pregnancy, the next time your wife, sister, or someone you know has any of the above symptoms, suggest CBD. But as you are offering this pregnancy advice, do not forget to mention that a doctor’s input is mandatory.


Author’s Note: Rae has three nephews and two nieces, and through the five pregnancies, she helped her sister and cousins with their extreme morning sickness.

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Rae Hudson is a gynecologist and pharmacist who helps women to solve their problems. She has been studying different medication for menstrual cramp relief and tests CBD oil on her patients. She shares her successful experience in her medical blog.

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