A woman in the CBD industry is not as rare a sight as the idea may seem. The industry is now witnessing an increase in women leaders on an almost historical level.

The CBD industry business is growing day by day, and among the CBD industry leaders, there are many women who have come forward to take the business up their shoulders. About the CBD industry, Forbes writes it may reach $20 billion worth by the year 2024. Women in the CBD industry have revolutionized the field of cannabinoid products by manufacturing products that cater specifically to women customers, like CBD lip balms, lubricants, and oil for period cramps, among other things. Sisterhood has never been stronger. Let us look at some of these lovely ladies who have made our lives easier.


The Women Shaping the CBD Industry


Kimberly Dillon

For those who know how large the CBD industry is, we should also acknowledge that it is not a cakewalk to make a place in it. It is one industry that requires plenty of research on the product if you wish to establish yourself as a distinguished entrepreneur. She has struggled her way up the ladder by convincing people with substantial evidence of the composition and benefits of hemp and cannabis if used in a restricted manner. Kimberly Dillon is the founder of Plant & Prosper, which sponsors CBD yoga, baths, and massages to inculcate in people the true nature of CBD products. Dillon is a feminist industrialist who believes that companies should support women and their needs. 

Her other company, Papa & Barkley, is bringing people face to face with CBD industry facts and growing at a tremendous rate—but Dillon thinks they’re just getting started. 


Bianca Monica

As a woman in the CBD industry, Monica has undertaken the work of research and the accumulation of data and statistics in addition to running her company Limone Creative. She is constantly trying to come up with newer products based on her research, and she travels across countries to acquire a better understanding of people’s needs and also to gauge how fast the CBD industry is growing. Monica’s associative effort with Coveteur in New York has brought in a lot of women to the event, and they all have been successfully educated on what the CBD industry is about. She has done more research into the CBD industry than any other woman in the field. Her courage and business insights are fabulous and have become the inspiration of many young women who want to leave their footprints in the industry, too. 



Emily Paxhia

Emily Paxhia is a partner at Poseidon Asset Management, a renowned company in the CBD and cannabis industry. Her fields of expertise are psychology, research, and brand strategy. Thus, her keen insight is not only limited to managing the company, but she also has extensive knowledge about the needs of people.

Paxhia has made brilliant investments in hemp, and the hemp that comes out of lands owned by Poseidon is some of the most superior hemp, including Poseidon’s hemp cigarettes, which are extremely popular all over the country. Paxhia has also extended her plan to cultivating hemp for industrial building purposes. She stands out as the epitome of intelligence and insight put together. 


Tahira Rehmatulla

Tahira Rehmatulla has got her degree from the Yale School of Management. She is another phenomenal woman in the CBD industry. Presently, she works at Hypur Ventures, a venture capital firm solely committed to cannabis businesses, and is focused on retail, distribution, genetics, and technology. Rehmatulla has dexterously managed the company—her dedication and spirit as a leader in the field are supremely laudable.


Moriah Barnhart

For Moriah Barnhart, the CBD industry was not just a place to command fame and control; her reasons for getting involved were heart-wrenchingly personal. When her daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer at the ripe age of 2, she was devastated and desperately wanted to make a drastic change in the field of medicine. CBD products could be a potential cure, or at least definitive treatment, for cancer, but with cannabis still fighting for legalization, Barnhart made it her mission of reaching out to more and more people and make them aware of the benefits that CBD products have at large. She founded her company CannaMoms in 2014. Later, she developed products that were some of the first USDA-certified organic hemp oils. It is certainly true that a woman in pain can change the world. 

CBD industry is one of the few industries that combat almost all the angst that the modern period hurls at us. It is an ever-growing industry, and the inclusion of women on such a large scale is revolutionary for feminist entrepreneurship. Women catering to women’s needs. Write to us about your experiences and send us your questions. We love to hear from you.

Rae Hudson

Rae Hudson is a gynecologist and pharmacist who helps women to solve their problems. She has been studying different medication for menstrual cramp relief and tests CBD oil on her patients. She shares her successful experience in her medical blog.

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