The idea of CBD events might sound alien to people who are oblivious to the impressive growth trends of the global CBD Industry. Set to hit a valuation of tens of billions of dollars in the next few years, CBD is poised to become a major player in the world economy. 

Under normal circumstances, CBD events are organized every year at different locations and different times of the year to discuss issues directly affecting cannabis and its derivatives. Organized to examine these salient issues, these events present a converging platform for scientists, regulatory officials, entrepreneurs, researchers, and stockholders involved in different aspects of cannabis science, licensing cultivation, sale, and use. We will have to hold our breath on some of these for 2020, but hope they still manage to take place in some shape or form. 


CBD events still to come in 2020


Scheduled to hold at the Georgia World Congress Center between June 25-27, 2020, the USA CBD Expo is presented by Khrysos Industries Inc. Regarded as the nation’s largest CBD event, this expo focuses on connecting the ever-increasing users of CBD products with the best product and marketing brand in the industry. As stated by the organizers, the expo is expected to ultimately compress the rapidly expanding CBD market into one all-encompassing event. Featuring over 250 vendors and over 500 of the industry’s most innovative brands, the expo also aims at presenting the right interactive platform for business owners, buyers, brand marketers, sales executives, and of course, cannabis consumers. The team at the USA CBD Expo brands itself as one with a high commitment level that ultimately offers all participants the right opportunity to reach a preset goal. 


Cannabis Science Conference

The Cannabis Science Conference (CSC), according to the organizers, is considered the world’s largest and most technical cannabis science expo. The next edition of the conference, Cannabis Science Conference East, was scheduled to be held in Baltimore, Maryland, beginning June 29, 2020, but unfortunately, COVID-19 has caused it to be postponed to March of 2021. Its sister conference on the West Coast, however, is currently still set to take place from August 31 to September 2, 2020, in Portland, Oregon. As expected of an expo with a scientific theme, the CSC draws eligible participants from different fields of science specialization. Participants expected at the next edition of this conference include research scientists, medical practitioners, industry experts, market trend analysts, instrument manufacturers, policymakers, testing labs, and interested members of the public. The theme and outline of each edition of this expo are centered mainly around improving cannabis science. Sponsored by different notable brands including Shimadzu (title sponsor), Fritsch, CGM LABDAQ, Agilent, Retsch, Labware, and Beckman Coulter, the exhibitors expected at the next edition also include MILESTONE, indigo, Geiger, and a host of other well-known brands in the CBD industry. 


International Cannabis Business Conference

The next edition of the International Cannabis Business Conference is billed to hold by September 9, 2020, in Vancouver, Canada. Currently, on its Fourth Edition, this business conference is centered around discussing the latest policy and growth trends of the CBD industry in Canada and, by extension, the world. As expected, the points of discussion at this conference will comprehensively examine the nitty-gritty of cannabis politics. Participants are drawn from a pool of policymakers, legislators, market trend analysts, investors, leading business brands, stakeholders in the CBD industry, and interested cannabis enthusiasts. Although the theme is more about policy stands and growth trends, reputable CBD brands are also scheduled to exhibit innovative products to the audience. Exhibitors expected at the edition in Vancouver include PASHA BRANDS, CANNAVIST, Eden Labs LLC, and a host of others.  


NECANN – The New Jersey Cannabis Convention

The New England Cannabis Network hosts a series of conventions each year at various locations in the Northeast and Midwest. The next NECANN event will be the New Jersey Cannabis Convention, which is billed for September 11, 2020, in Atlantic City, New Jersey. As described by the organizers, this convention is focused exclusively on the New Jersey CBD market.

Since 2014, NECANN has presented an annual platform targeted at helping the local cannabis products brans in New Jersey to grow consistently. On the other hand, the convention is widely considered by stakeholders of the cannabis industry as an organized campaign strategy aimed at accelerating the legalization of recreational cannabis in its catchment area.

The events schedule of the convention presents an interactive space where educators, cannabis advocates, investors, business owners, cannabis consumers, and patients can network and discuss salient issues facing the use of CBD products. NECANN is considered worthy of this list for its wide operation base in Patient Advocacy, Cannabis Inventory Tracking, Lab services, Marketing, Cannabis Dosing and Packaging Equipment, and the B2B community service.  


Canna-Pharma 2020

Increased emergence of CBD use in human medicine has paved the way for different scientific inquiries. The Canna-Pharma 2020 conference, as described by the organizers, is centered on advancing the science of medicinal cannabis through acceptable manufacturing practices (GMP), regulatory compliance, and emerging therapeutic applications. 

Billed for November 5, 2020, in San Diego, this conference features the best brains in the medical and pharmaceutical sciences as participants are drawn from a pool of research scientists, analytical experts, drug developers, validation experts, drug-device manufactures, policymakers and cannabis cultivators. The highlights of this conference include panel discussions, scientific paper presentations, networking, and CBD policy review sessions. Compared to other educational conferences on CBD, the Canna-Pharma 2020 sets a bigger stage as over 200 scientists and 40 exhibitors were reported to have attended the 2019 edition. 

As the CBD industry’s potential keeps increasing, more events are organized and sponsored by numerous stakeholders interested in maintaining a consistent growth trend in the cannabis industry. 


While we know that many of the world’s events at the moment are subject to some changes, watch out for updates from all of these events and ways you can support them during these unusual times. 



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