Every woman has experienced discomfort during periods—and some of us manage only to lie and suffer these days. The pain is unsettling. It does not allow you to do normal activities and work fully. It seems that all women are good at dealing with it. In particular, some women are using CBD for period pain relief. Let’s figure out what CBD is and if it can help.

Why the periods hurt

Many women face painful periods at any age. Sometimes the reason lies in certain diseases, but pain can occur in a perfectly healthy reproductive system. In this case, the unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen and pain in the abdomen, back, and head are the result of prostaglandins

So what causes period pain? These chemicals are responsible for the transmission of pain signals from receptors to the brain – and it is during menstruation that some women get more than they need, especially during uterine contractions. Someone carries the pain harder than others—this is due to genetic characteristics.

Unfortunately, no specific treatment for this particular problem still exists. A specific cause (such as inflammation of the pelvic organs) can be dealt with. However, dysmenorrhea—when pain during menstruation occurs on its own, without additional factors—is a chronic condition with which many women have to live until menopause. 

Often, drugs with an anti prostaglandin mechanism of action (the same ibuprofen) help well. It should be taken without waiting for severe pain, and when there is a feeling that it is about to appear.

Of course, painkillers do not help everyone equally, and they have enough side effects. Hormonal contraception gives a good effect—it replaces the natural cycle with an artificial one, at the same time eliminating all the problems that accompany it. But, of course, this method is not suitable for everyone. Alternative methods (for example, certain yoga poses or decoctions) work mainly due to the placebo effect. An extreme option is an operation that destroys the nerve endings inside the uterus, but this is a complex intervention that does not guarantee a positive result. In general, the question of how to make period pain symptoms less severe remains open.

5 Tips to Use CBD to Help Your Period

Magic remedy

Many women suffer from dysmenorrhea, the so-called painful menstruation, which arise as a result of hormonal disorders.

The new product, designed to prevent dysmenorrhea, is made in the form of suppositories. Their shape resembles tampons. They contain cannabis, have analgesic properties of marijuana, but do not have its psychotropic effect, writes The Daily Mail.

It is known that during menstruation, women feel a throbbing pain or cramping in the lower abdomen. Mayo Clinic staff has found that the woman’s uterus contracts during menstruation. This process is associated with prostaglandins, which are hormone-like substances that are directly related to pain and inflammation. Thus, with an increase in the level of prostaglandins, the pain intensifies.

Suppositories contain 60 milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and 10 milligrams of cannabidiol, the active components of marijuana. They also added cocoa butter. Manufacturers say THC blocks pain, and cannabidiol acts on the immune system, reducing inflammation.


Tampons, but not really

FORIA created “tampons” with marijuana – it specializes mainly in lubricants, which include cannabis extract. After marijuana was legalized in several states, the company came up with tools to help relax during sex. And then, it was decided to use the pacifying effect to help women cope with pain during menstruation.

These are, of course, not tampons – they do not absorb excretion. These are suppositories that consist of cocoa butter (they say tampons with CBD for period pain smell like cookies) and cannabinoids. The active substance is absorbed through the mucous membrane of the vagina and reduces muscle cramps. Manufacturers claim that the dose of substances alleviates pain, but cannot cause euphoria.

Together with tampons, you can use any hygiene products—even classic tampons, which are recommended to be administered fifteen to twenty minutes after suppositories. The FDA has not yet registered this drug. It is not considered a medicine, and clinical trials have not been conducted. But FORIA is no longer the only company that uses the legalization of marijuana to relieve menstrual pain. Actress Whoopi Goldberg also founded the production of CBD products—bath salts, herbal tincture, shower gel, and even cocoa, designed to alleviate the condition during menstruation.

What does CBD oil have to do with it?

One way to relieve pain is to relax the smooth muscles of the uterus so that cramps do not lead to the release of pain mediators. Experts decided to test “tampons” with marijuana and CBD oil intake. They have found that cannabidiol helps to reduce the intensity of muscle cramps, increase blood flow, and keep oxygen flowing to tissues, resulting in less discomfort.

What does CBD do for menstrual cramps relief? The main active ingredients of marijuana are cannabinoids, in particular, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). The first has a psychoactive effect and helps relieve pain. The second reduces inflammatory processes. Together they relax the muscles. In essence, the discomfort disappears about twenty minutes after applying the suppository or taking CBD oil. No psychotropic effects are observed. Pure CBD Geek has detailed reviews on various CBD products that can help you choose the right one.

CBD oil benefits for pain relief

Cannabidiol is the main active component of CBD oil, which provides ease of menstruation. The substance has a relaxing effect, eliminates menstrual pain by reducing cramping.

CBD oil is recommended for therapeutic use during periods to achieve the following effects:

  •       It relieves symptoms of chronic inflammation of the nervous system.
  •       It restores a healthy sleep and can be used to prevent chronic night-time disorders.
  •       The feeling of anxiety, stress, and depression disappears. Calm and harmony come.
  •       It brings relief of pain syndromes associated with problems of the nervous system: headaches, systematic back pain, and others.
  •       The need for pain relievers disappears. 100% organic CBD for period pain will eliminate cramping and take care of your health.


Most women have to put up with the fact that every month for several days in a row, they have to endure severe menstrual pains. They experience physical and mental fatigue, irritability breakdowns, and sometimes nausea and vomiting. All these are signs of the beginning of the menstrual cycle when the state of health does not allow you to adhere to even the simplest daily plans.

To deal with the consequences of the female body renewal without harm to health, scientists have developed a complex of oils with cannabidiol extract. Cannabidiol is the main phytocannabinoid in cannabis. It does not have a psychoactive effect. However, on the contrary, it is famous for its soothing, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties.

Have you ever tried CBD oil or CBD tampons for period pain relief? Do you have your recommendations on how to take CBD oil for menstrual cramps? Please share your experience with us in the comment section below.

Author’s Bio: Rae Hudson is a gynecologist and pharmacist who helps women to solve their problems. She has been studying different medication for menstrual cramp relief and has tested CBD oil on her patients. She shares successful experiences in her medical blog.

Rae Hudson

Rae Hudson is a gynecologist and pharmacist who helps women to solve their problems. She has been studying different medication for menstrual cramp relief and tests CBD oil on her patients. She shares her successful experience in her medical blog.

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