Held annually in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the Monroe Street Fair, “Hash Bash” brings together supporters of federal, state, and local law reform for marijuana. The event sees speakers, bands, and street vendors gather to celebrate all things marijuana and dance the afternoon away in a mellow haze of cannabis-related activities.

2020 Monroe Street Festival Details:
Date: Saturday, April 4th, 2020
Time: High Noon
Location: 800 Monroe Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Price: FREE, Thanks to the sponsorship and support of several of Michigan’s leading cannabis companies.
Live Entertainment: The Demolition Doll Rods, 3PEACE, Chris Collins-Poet, Lori Brth Coolidge-Poet…
Purpose: This is an exposition, educational and promotional event that celebrates our cannabis culture & heritage by gathering together, sharing ideas, and building community while enjoying an afternoon of camaraderie, merriment and live concert music.

Find out more at monroestreetfair.com and mitechnews.com



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